Archived Projects

The projects below have been archived because they’re no longer being maintained, however they may still be of some use.

Although these apps may run on modern web servers, they’re old and don’t have the design or features of modern web applications.  Some of them were written in the mid-1990’s.

Feel free to download and install these apps at your own risk.

Secure Form Processor

(This product has been re-booted as SimpleSecure WordPress Plugin) This legacy version is a Perl form processor that encrypts messages using GPG or PGP (or other encryption methods).  It continues to be used on production sites. Perl source code is included.  Last updated in 2002.



A Perl script used to submit a website to multiple search engines.  At one time this script had a huge install and user base. This is largely unnecessary these days however some people continue to use the script.  Last updated in 2002.



An ancient web-based personal management organizer with calendar, tasks and email. The features were interesting at the time however the script is grossly outdated. This code may have some use as reference for it’s email parsing and attachment handling.  Last updated in 2002.


Web Toolz

A collection of Perl scripts, mainly utilities used by webmasters and server administrators. Among the useful scripts are some that display disk usage and allow stateless terminal access to hosts that do not offer shell access.  Last updated in 2003.