Code Signing Applications For Microsoft Windows


In order for your users to install and run your application without receiving an “unknown publisher” warning it must be signed with a Microsoft Authenticode (Code Signing) Certificate. Signing applications requires a free signing tool provided by Microsoft and a code-signing certificate from a third-party certificate provider. Obtain Certificate To get started you must have […]

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Compiling ffmpeg on OSX


Compiling ffmpeg on OSX is fairly straightforward except for a few prerequisites and configuration options. The instructions below will build ffmpeg using the configuration of the semi-official OSX distro at with the exception that –enable-libvo-amrwbenc and –enable-libxavs are exluded. (I didn’t include them because they do not have brew formulas. They could most likely […]

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Using node_sqlite3 with Electron


At the moment, node_sqlite3 doesn’t want to play nicely with Electron apps. This is likely to change, however none of the methods shown in the Electron documentation worked for me. I was able to finally piece together a workaround until the module is natively supported. The problem begins after installing sqlite3 and attempting to use it […]

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FizzBuzz in One MySQL Statement


I was thinking recently that it would funny to implement FizzBuzz using only a single MySQL statement.  FizzBuzz is a simple test that a programmer might run into at a job interview.  They may be asked to implement FizzBuzz in a specific language or with pseudo-code, depending on the interview.  For whatever reason FizzBuzz tends to […]

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Compile PHP Extensions for MAMP


Compiling a PHP extension (shared object / module) from source for MAMP requires a bit of special configuration.  If you follow the standard instructions to phpize, configure and make the .so file then you’ll most likely end up with a module that’s incompatible with MAMP due to the fact that it is compiled for whichever […]

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